Putin To Move Russian Nukes To Belarus – Western Leaders Yet To Comment

Leuterers International Desk, Helsinki, Finland:

Satellite imagery showing state of the art Russian nuclear armaments soon to be moved to Belarus has Western leaders as of yet without comment.

Though NATO and the Pentagon had yet to officially comment, reportedly due to an inability to stop laughing, longtime MSNBC contributor and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, USN Admiral James G. Stavridis had this to say on MSNBC’s Weekend Morning Chai with host Saima Sharmaveti Cohen-Jones:

“I hope they are wearing good gloves when handling those nukes. They are old and deadly. Tetanus is a real concern and no joke. You can get lockjaw and even die. You know, Neil Young was right years ago when he said, ‘rust never sleeps.’

A source inside the White House addressed the issue saying the President would like to keep this off the radar to not imperil the current US arrangement with Belarus related to moron emigration, a key – exclusively reported on by Leuterers News Service  – component of Biden’s Build Back Smarter plan.