Musk On X – “X Is Pleased To Announce A Site Moderation Partnership With TASS”

Leuterers Business Desk – New York, NY

Elon Musk today announced a strategic partnership with Russian State-Run News Service TASS. Musk explained in an X Spaces conference call, “I hope this will silence all the critics out there. We do not support hate speech. We support free speech. Free and clean speech. And we can think of no better advocate for free clean speech than TASS. And they keep it clean and they keep it consistent. Just like their great leader Vladimir Putin.”

Musk continued with, “It is true that X has become a hotbed for hate speech. People tweet hate towards me, my good friends Alex Jones, President Trump, and President Putin. They even post hate towards Andrew Tate who is nothing but a misunderstood guy who likes to help women become their best selves by maximizing their earning potential. And who doesn’t support that? I’ll tell you who, haters, and woke mind virus liberals, that’s who.

“But here at X, we are committed to a neutral stance on speech of all kinds and bringing in TASS as a third-party moderator should quiet all critics and help herald in a new Reich, er, I mean a new age for freedom. Who better to do the job? They run a tight and clean ship over there. You don’t see a lot of hate towards my friends in their articles, do you? And their name is pretty cool too, right? All caps, just like X, but not quite as cool because X is X. But TASS is still cool, very cool.”

Musk concluded his X Spaces appearance saying, “In closing, let me remind you, I love the human race. I’m their best advocate. And with the help of TASS and our new advertisers to be soon announced, X will become the everything app the world knows it should be.”