Elon Musk Explains Tesla Share Price Collapse

Leuterers Business Desk:

In a Twitter Spaces interview today Elon Musk addressed the issue of the recent and rapid decline of Tesla’s share price.

Musk stated, “It’s the woke mind virus. And when you mix that with the corrupt State and corrupt media, this is what you get.” When asked to expound on this Musk added, “It’s like this, this may blow you away, but, like, you know, I’m not right all the time, only about 99.99% of the time. I can show you the analytics, if you want to see them.

“It’s all about Fauci. The guy needs to be prosecuted. He and Bill Gates, you want to look at that. I mean, what are they doing? Buying land, creating vaccines for viruses that don’t exist.”

Musk continued after a shocked pause from reporters present. “Listen, I’m trying to save civilization. Me and Dmitry, we’re epic bros, you know. I’m trying to save civilization  and playing 4D chess to do it and it’s not easy when everyone but my good buddy Dmitry aren’t, you know, smart enough to play. I mean, they can play 3D chess but come’on, you know, when you have to integrate spacetime and quantum flux-lines into the equation, come on, you know.”

When asked to address the actual question of the rapidly declining share price Musk abruptly ended the interview claiming he had to keep his assassination coordinates scrambled and couldn’t remain in the same place for too long.”