Seattle’s KOMO News To Step Up Its Game – Now Bringing On 6th Graders To Write And Edit Copy

Seattle media outlet KOMO News today announced a major shift in improving its online content. In a press release KOMO Vice President of Operations, Doris Rajneeshi-Steinberg, said, “We’ve had great success for years now using Mrs. McGillicutty’s 3rd grade class to provide high level writing and editing of copy on our website news feed. And we thank Mrs. McGillicutty along with all her students and the staff at Bryant Elementary School.”

Rajneeshi-Steinberg continued with, “But now it’s time to step up our game. Our readers are becoming more sophisticated and we want to disseminate the news in a manner best fitting for their consumption levels. This is why we are now officially retiring the Bryant Elementary School third graders and are bringing on Mrs. Barlow’s sixth grade class at Eckstein Middle School. We are all very excited and looking forward to fabulous content.”