Hip Zebra Posts Mailbox Peak Picture On His Facebook Page

Leuterers Local Desk, Seattle, WA

A zebra, demonstrating its cleverness, recently posted a picture of himself at Mailbox Peak, a renowned hiking spot favored by hikers seeking to showcase their adventures on social media. In an effort to show its hiking skills, the zebra claimed to have taken the more arduous old route to the famous Cascade Mountain hiking destination.

Once he reached the summit, the zebra left a note in the mailbox to announce its departure towards the Canadian border, where it plans to seek asylum if Donald Trump wins the upcoming presidential election in November. This elusive zebra, having been sighted in various areas around Seattle, seemed to be relishing its temporary freedom. The zebra, accompanied by three others, had made a daring escape from a parked trailer in North Bend, Washington, last Saturday.

Local authorities are still searching for the zebra, but they have not been able to find any clues about its whereabouts so far. Stay glued to Leuterers as we will bring all of the breaking news about the zebra and its fate.