Musk on Putin – “You Just Have To Get To Know Him”

Leuterers Business Desk: Palo Alto, CA

In a Twitter Spaces After Dark stream last night Tesla CEO Elon Musk chatted with Russian Dictator for Life Vladimir Putin.

During the 30 minute stream the two discussed everything from human rights to the recent sharp decline in Tesla stock value. Putin stated, “My good friend Elon, you know in Russia we love freedom.  I don’t know why America say otherwise.  I give Russian citizen much freedom. Russian citizen has choice. Russian citizen is free to fight special military action in Ukraine, go to Siberia work camp, or get shot in head. That is choice, eh?”

Musk replied with, “Vlad, you and me, we are saving civilization. When you are as smart as I am and obviously as smart as you are, you realize how stupid everyone else is. It makes it very difficult to save them from themselves.”

Putin’s response was, “Yes Elon, my friend, you are, how you say, right on. Now about that stock price. You want me to buy tomorrow, and you say no more Starlink to Ukraine, right?”

Musk replied, “That would be collusion, insider trading, and a violation of all kinds of laws these stupid Americans have in place hampering me from saving the world. So…uh, yeah, do that. Those laws don’t apply to me. I am saving the world.”

Putin then asked Musk, “So, this Twitter thing. You have contact  information on people, with accounts, uh, I need to get hold of. You know, Pussy Riot and friends. I like their music. I want to hold party for them in work camp in Siberia.”

Musk ended the stream by saying, “No problem, just give your list to my boy Taibbi and he’ll run it down for you.”