Mr. Ed Withdraws Marjorie Taylor Greene Endorsement

High profile talking horse, Mr. Ed, has withdrawn his endorsement of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Congressional Representative from Georgia’s 14th District.

In a press conference earlier today Mr. Ed read over the phone from a prepared statement saying, “My friends and I in the horse community had high hopes for Ms. Taylor-Greene though admittedly we had not done much research. We made the critical error of assuming she would act in the best interests of horses simply because she is horse-faced. It turns out, as we all now know, she is nothing but a self-serving mean spirited crazy old hag. Even old Bill the stallion who is half-blind, senile and humps everything from fenceposts to tractor tires lying against hay bales doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.”

Leuterers reached Ms. Taylor-Greene’s office for comment and was told by spokesperson Frau von Gutschott, “Representative Taylor-Greene denounces Mr. Ed and his radical liberal Hollywood pony grooming associates. She never wanted his endorsement anyway, so there!”