Elon Musk To Receive First Annual Elon Award

Leuterers Business Desk:  Palo Alto, CA

Elon Musk announced moments ago that he would be receiving the first annual Elon award. Musk stated to gathered admirers in a Twitter Spaces After Dark livestream the following:

“I am very pleased to announce the unveiling of the most coveted award on Earth, The Elon. This award will be presented on an annual basis to that person who best exemplifies how much smarter they are than anyone else. And this year, for the inaugural presentation, the award will be given to me, Elon.”

The assembled audience of Matt Taibbi, Gary Black, Ross Gerber and Optimus the robot applauded loudly for five full minutes finally stopping when the robot fell over and burst into flames.

Musk hurriedly concluded the stream saying, “Tomorrow night, New Year’s Eve. Live from a Romanian jail, the Kremlin, and right here on Epstein’s Island my good buddy Andrew Tate will join my other best ho bro, Dmitry Medvedev as the two virtually present me with the very first annual Elon award.”

The stream abruptly ended and Twitter shut down briefly for “regularly scheduled awesome upgrades,” according to the website placard.