Trump Blames Buckner’s Error On Rigged Election

In one of his most preposterous allegations former President Donald Trump today claimed Boston Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner, “Never would have missed that easy little ground ball if the 2020 election hadn’t been stolen.”

When asked by this reporter how something which occurred in the 1986 World Series could possibly be related to his crushing loss in the 2020 Presidential election Trump replied, “Oh little Leuterers news, fake and phony.”

Trump continued, saying he has evidence which proves the Mets 1969 World Series win was rigged. He also claimed the 1970 Super Bowl which was won by the New York Jets was, “Fixed, rigged by very corrupt people in New York. These are the same people trying to ruin me now. They are very corrupt. Corruptly more corrupt than others. Everything wrong in this world has been caused by the very crooked 2020 election.”

Leuterers asked Trump to produce evidence to back up his claims. The former President  responded saying, “Leuterers is very bad. You are a very bad reporter, one of the worst. Worse than CNN or any of the other fake media. If you want the troth, go to troth senshal, my internet site.”