Man Refuses To Use Snow Tires – Causes 236 Car Pile Up

A forty-two-year-old resident of Washington State, Manly Q. Boyley, blew by the traction tires required sign on Interstate 90, east of North Bend, Washington early today during near white out conditions. Driving on summer tires, Boyley lost control of his vehicle near milepost 41, causing an accident which snarled traffic for nearly 12 hours.  Leuterers reporter Sid Talmedge was on-site and spoke with Boyley.

Boyley stated, “Yeah, there was snow. Yeah, there was a sheet of ice on the roadway. Yeah, the traction tires required sign was up. So what? I’m not going to bow to the heavy hand of the government.” When asked if he was making a political statement Boyley replied, “Political, I ain’t no political. I’m a American. I done my research. Snow tires are a hoax. I saw a video on the internet. It’s all a set up. The tire companies are in bed with the highway department. In fact, the people running the highway department own the tire companies. I ain’t falling for it. The rest of you sheep go right on ahead and follow the orders of the great King Inslee (referring to Washington Governor Jay Inslee). One day they make you wrap some pieces of iron around your tires, the next day they’ll make you wear a piece of cloth over your face. Am I right? Am I right?”

The Washington State Patrol issued Boyley a ten thousand dollar fine for the mayhem his behavior created. Boyley said, “The imperialist dogs think they won a battle here today. They didn’t win nothing. I’ll never drive with snow tires, or those little studs what go click, click, click.” Boyley jumped into his 1985 Nissan Sentra, rolled down the window speeding away and screamed, “I’m like that guy in that movie. They’ll never take my freedom. Never!” He then slid off the roadway down a nearby steep embankment and then off a cliff to land on rocks one thousand feet below where his car exploded and became engulfed in flames.

Numerous bystanders took video of the entire event, which went viral when posted to social media platforms. Within minutes Manly Q. Boyley was being heralded by millions across the country as a martyr for the cause against snow tires and government overreach.