Idaho Man Learns Of Jerry Garcia’s Death – 28 Years Later

An Idaho man who has no cell phone or internet connection recently learned of the death of Jerry Garcia. Gopher “Peace-Love” Feldman learned of Jerry’s death on a recent rare encounter with another human being. Feldman lives in a bus on the back forty of a friend’s property in the Sawtooth Mountain region of Idaho.

In a Leuterers interview Feldman said, “I haven’t seen a paper, a tv, or nothing since 1993. That’s a bummer about Jerry. I was at the Human Be-In in 1966. I saw every Grateful Dead show for the next twenty-six years. When my trust fund ran out I just went into the mountains and haven’t been out much since.”

Feldman has been living off the land and the generosity of neighbors since he left society in 1993. He finished the interview with a flurry of questions, “Did Jerry Brown ever get elected President?” and “Was there a Woodstock II?” and “I bought Polaroid stock at seven, how’s it doing?”