Farmer’s Luxury Yacht Gets Stuck

Produce grower Ted Sorenson’s life literally ran amuck last Saturday. Sorenson was on the phone, complaining to a distributor about the FOB price of his Purple Brusselberry Sprouts. The shipper told Sorenson the going price was $27 for the twenty pound box. Sorenson became upset, shouting, “If I don’t get $30 then I might as well shut the whole show down. I’m going bankrupt at those prices.” 

Sorenson lost track of time and his multi-million dollar yacht “Miss Mini Albino Eggplant” became high centered on a sand bar when the tide went out. Sorenson drown his sorrows by cracking open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

He unwound by soaking in his on-deck hot tub. When the tide rose his private captain guided the yacht and his guests on a trip through Alaska’s Inside Passage. Sorenson and his wife, along with two other growers and their wives, spent five days together complaining about the sad state of farming.