Trump Responds to Mob Attack on Capitol – “It Wasn’t me, It Was Don Jr.”

Outgoing President Trump today responded to yesterday’s mob attack on the nation’s Capitol Building perpetrated by those who attended his speaking event just prior. In an exclusive Leuterers interview Trump said, “It wasn’t me who caused all this. All I did was talk about how great I am and how the election was stolen from me. It was that Don Jr. guy who got the crowd all riled up with his ‘Zeroes and Heroes’ speech. What is he? A rapper or something? Is Zeroes and Heroes one of his songs? I don’t know, I hardly know the guy. Sure I’m in some photos with him but I’m in pictures with many people. Many people,  everybody wants to be in a photo with the great Trump.”

When asked if he actually expected anyone to believe he hardly knows his own son, Trump relied, “What’s wrong with you, Weinhard? Are you still with the failing Leuterers News Service. You’re fake news.”