Local Man Sees Banana Display – Epiphany Follows

Redmond, Washington man Todd Barker recently experienced a profound epiphany when seeing a banana display in a Kirkland, Washington Trader Joe’s grocery store. Barker said to a Leuterers reporter, “I usually shop the Redmond Trader Joes but was in Kirkland the other evening and I stopped into that store and immediately was hit by the banana display. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. The symmetry, the near perfect arrangement which was perfect in its imperfection spoke to me like nothing in my life ever has. I knew at once, amidst the struggles the world faces that my mission in life is to spread love and goodwill among all people on planet Earth.”

When asked for more specifics Barker answered, “Hey man, dude, you just need to go there yourself and see it. Your life will change. And for the better. Much better.” Barker is currently at work writing a novel about the particulars of the display and exactly how it has affected his perception of life, love and the universe.

Meanwhile a Leuterers reporter is investigating undercover in the store posing as an employee in an attempt to find out who it was that created the display which now has thousands of people daily coming in to view it.