Trump Claims “It Was A Phony Phone Call”

On Sunday Donald Trump claimed his phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was a big prank. In an exclusive Leuterers interview the embattled president said, “Trump is good at this fake phone call stuff. Really good at it. I’m the best, the biggest, best phony phone call guy in the world. Everything the fake mainstream media is saying about the Georgia call is a hoax. It’s all another Democrat hoax. Everyone who loves Trump knows it was a fake call. A call made to expose Raffensperger for what he is, a moron, a fool, a sucker, a loser, a low life.” 

The soon to be removed chief executive continued ranting saying, “You’ve never seen a bigger sucker than that Raffensperger guy. I went on for an hour and he never figured out it was a phony phone call. It was like the time I called the bowling alley and asked the guy if they had sixteen pound balls. The guy at the alley said yes. So I asked him where he bought his jock strap. He went Huh? I laughed my ass off. My friends were on the call with me. We all laughed so hard. My friends all said, ‘Oh Trump, you’re the best at this.”

Trump reminisced about another call he made in his youth, “I called the local butcher shop. I asked the guy if he had pigs feet. He said yes. So I say to the guy, ‘Just put shoes on, no one will notice’.” Trump abruptly ended the interview saying, “I hope your little low rated loser news agency will print the truth about the phone call. You can do that can’t you?”