Ozzy Buffett Announces Benefit Concert

Local tribute musician Todd Barker, aka Ozzy Buffett announced he’ll be doing an online benefit concert. Speaking in a barely intelligible English accent Barker said, “I play the music of Jimmy Buffett in the dress and voice of Ozzy. I hate the bloody steel drum and the acoustic guitar. I smash all that stuff at every show.” 

Ozzy Buffett is the most successful of Barker’s multiple tribute bands. Some of Barker’s other projects which have fallen on deaf ears include, Ozzy and Tennille, Ozzy-Crosby-Stills and Nash, Ozzy Lightfoot, Ozzy and Garfunkel, Ozzy Goes to Hollywood, and his least successful project, a stab at folk music, Ozzy Dylan. 

Barker says the proceeds will go to help him buy the equipment he plans to smash at all his shows once the Covid crisis subsides. 

Barker promised to keep with his tradition of biting the head off his parrot at end of the show. 

Tickets go on sale next week.