James Woods Reveals Dating Formula – Half Your Age Minus 5

74 year old James Woods took a break from helping his 32 year old girlfriend study for her Starbucks barista certification to talk to Leuterers. Woods said, “When she sold me a soft serve cone at the Trump rally, I knew I was in love.”

Leuterers pushed Woods to justify the 42 year age difference between the couple. Woods became irritated, claiming the formula was half his age, minus five. Leuterers entertainment editor Anne Flenderson reminded Woods the standard for dating is half the age, plus seven. Woods said, “That might be your formula. But when I saw that MAGA hat on her I couldn’t say no.” 

The couple is talking about marriage and family. Woods concluded his statements saying, “We’d better get busy, I want to  last long enough to see my kid play tee ball.”